The White Heat is our recreation of the Italian made fuzz built between 1966 and 1970. This pedal delivers a killer raspy fuzz with plenty of top end, without being an ice pick to the forehead. The White Heat cleans up superbly when you roll back the volume on your guitar making it very versatile and usable in many different music settings. If you are looking to recreate the tone of the Sixties, this is the fuzz for you! The White Heat comes loaded with a pair of new old-stock germanium transistors custom tuned right to the sweet spot.

Each White Heat is built by hand from scratch onto vintage-style stripboard, using high quality components and with a high attention to detail. They come loaded with   CITEC longlife pots, a heavy duty  switch, Neutrik Jacks, carbon film resistors, BC / Vishay capacitors and other high quality components.