PG-24V-FS – mint turquoise

We’ve teamed up again with the fine folks at Peach Guitars to offer another limited edition Broadcast, the PG-24V-FS. It comes finished in a rather lovely mint turquoise, runs internally at a higher voltage for greater headroom and features foot switchable gain modes – each with it’s own level control.

The Broadcast is a transformer-coupled, discrete Class-A germanium circuit, that takes its inspiration from classic recording consoles of the 1960s. The unique way in which the circuit saturates and colours your signal can be used to produce biting clean boosts, subtly coloured and thickened signals with a frayed-at-the-edge quality or – when pushed – an individual sounding overdrive with a fuzzy, fried  texture.

The PG-24V-FS takes this classic transformer-coupled, discrete Class-A germanium circuit, running it internally at 24 volts from a standard 9 volt supply. The increased voltage gives extra headroom and a tighter low end – fantastic if you are looking for a little less saturation and grit, but without losing that unique sound of the Broadcast. On the PG-24V-FS we have made the gain mode (LOW or HIGH) selectable via the right hand foot switch (the blue LED indicates when the pedal is in HIGH gain mode) as well as giving each mode its own LEVEL control. In addition, the PG-24V-FS has an internal trimmer that allows you to fine tune the amount of gain the HIGH mode has.


  • Germanium transistor
  • Specially chosen TRIAD Magnetics steel-core transformer
  • BI Technologies potentiometers
  • Heavy duty Alpha foot switches (rated for >30,000 cycles)

LEFT FOOT SWITCH – Bypasses the pedal (red LED indicates the pedal is active)

RIGHT FOOT SWITCH – Toggles between LOW and HIGH gain modes (blue LED indicates HIGH gain mode is selected)

LEVEL LOW – Controls the volume of the pedal in LOW gain mode

LEVEL HIGH – Controls the volume of the pedal in HIGH gain mode

GAIN TRIM – Controls the gain level (both in LOW and HIGH gain modes) of the Broadcast (at higher settings the high-end of the signal is gently rolled off)

LOW CUT – Attenuates the low-end of the Broadcast (since this control lies at the front
end of the Broadcast’s circuitry, it is interactive with the gain controls)

INTERNAL TRIMMER – Sets the total amount of gain available whilst in HIGH gain mode. This can be set anywhere from a slight gain boost when engaging the HIGH gain mode, through to full-on fuzz.

DC SOCKET – The Broadcast requires a DC power supply unit (PSU). Please ensure your PSU can supply 9v, a minimum current of 50mA and has a 2.1mm negative centre barrel plug. Any other type may damage your pedal. If you plan on sharing the same PSU with other pedals, we recommend using a PSU with isolated outputs, e.g. Voodoo Labs ISO-5 / Pedal Power 2 Plus.

CURRENT DRAW – 50mA maximum

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