For details on how to adjust the trimmers on the Broadcast-AP please click here.


The dual version of the Broadcast has two trimmer potentiometers located inside the pedal which can be used to adjust the gain levels of both the low-gain and high-gain modes.

Before attempting to adjust the trimmers, please fully unplug the pedal from the power supply, guitar, amplifier or other pedals. The trimmers can be accessed by carefully removing the four base screws with a PH2 type screwdriver. With the pedal open and the foot-switches at the bottom, the trimmers are located on the bottom-right-hand side of the circuit board, just above the foot-switch. They are blue, 7mm x 7mm squares with a white crossed circle in the middle. The low-gain trimmer is located on the left and the high-gain trimmer on the right.  Both should only be adjusted with a flat/slotted 2.5mm screwdriver. The trimmers can be quite sensitive so only make small adjustments at a time, listening to the results between adjustments.

Trimmer locations

The low-gain trimmer adjusts the overall gain of the pedal and the high-gain trimmer adjusts how much gain is boosted (on top of the low-gain) once the high-gain mode is engaged.

It should be noted that the amount of gain boost the high trimmer can add is dependent on whereabouts the low gain trimmer is set. With the low gain trimmer set low (the cleanest gain setting), the high gain trimmer can offer a slight boost in gain through to a massive gain boost. Whereas, when the low-gain trimmer is set close to maximum, the high-gain trimmer can offer from zero gain boost through to a slight boost in gain.

A word of caution: setting the high gain trimmer to maximum results in a very fuzzy sound and a massive volume boost.

If you are unsure about adjusting the trimmers, please contact us.


By default, the low-gain trimmer is set to its lowest gain position (fully counter-clockwise) and the high-gain trimmer one and a half notches below maximum (with maximum being fully clockwise).