The Overdrive 999 is a heavily modified version of that infamous green overdrive, tuned for more bass, wider gain range, greater headroom and amp-like clipping. The powerful two band Baxandall equaliser section is taken from an old Studer recording console and provides up to 15dB of cut and boost of the high and low bands. Combining the EQ and DRIVE control allows you to create a myriad of different sonic textures. The extended frequency response and wide ranging equaliser allow it to work just as well on bass as on guitar.

With the EQ set flat (11 o’clock) the OVERDRIVE 999 just adds grit, without messing too much with the natural sound of your amplifier. Pull back the TREBLE and BASS to create that classic mid-focused overdrive or crank them both up to land you squarely in Black Face Fender territory. Classic treble boost tones are available by keeping the DRIVE low and pushing the TREBLE and VOLUME; or crank up the DRIVE and BASS to slam the front end of your amp for fuzzed-up, exploding amp tones.