Carl BroemelCarl Broemel – Guitarist, My Morning Jacket

“I’m so happy with the Stroll On, since it nails the fuzz tone I was going for and also features a little more headroom than the original … which makes it a special being all of its own. “

“The Blackbird is an exotic wild creature; it’s so fun on guitar, keys and bass too! I love not knowing what it’ll do depending on what goes in.”

Joel Hamilton

Joel Hamilton – Producer, Studio G Brooklyn

“I just produced a cool new heavy band and we used a Hudson fuzz (Buzzard) all over that record. In fact, it became a real part of the sound to have that box along with my collection of cool, small amps, and a few other pedals, for the primary drive sound on a few of the tracks.”

“It (Buzzard) is indispensable and has become a key part of my arsenal for tracking!”

Jon SkibicJon Skibic – Lead guitarist, The Afghan Whigs, Gigolo Aunts

“It’s amazing! Love it!” (Stroll On)

“It sounds incredible; it sounds really cool when the tone is all the way down on the guitar too!” (Blackbird)

Dan FodorDan Fodor – Bassist, The Budos Band

“I used the Fuzz on Halloween in a Bad Brains cover band, sounds amazing!”

“Totally been digging on the White Heat and Stroll On a lot. Also used the Fuzz on the Farfisa. Sounds are all amazing man!”

Tom Schick

Tom Schick – Producer, Mixer & Engineer

“The White Heat gives me that classic 60s fuzz. It’s a great tool to use when I need a guitar to cut through a mix. It adds a nice brightness without compromising the tone.”

Josh Lattanzi

Josh Lattanzi – Guitarist & Bassist, The Candles; Bassist for Norah Jones;
Bassist, The Lemonheads

“I’ve been using the White Heat and the Gospel Bomb for a while now. The White Heat is the best fuzz I’ve yet to come across. It responds beautifully to subtle volume changes on my guitar. Stacking it with the Gospel Bomb is out of control though in the best possible way. Hudson Electronics clearly puts a lot of love into crafting these pedals.”

Sean Oakley

Sean Oakley – Producer & Engineer,
Shangri-La Studios, Malibu, CA

“I enjoy using FX pedals on sends while working and the Stroll On is a really great germanium fuzz.”