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Lost Leaders

You’ll have heard the two writer’s songs on Levon Helm’s two Grammy winning records “Dirt Farmer” & “Electric Dirt”, Ollabelle’s “Riverside Battle Songs”.

Check out the fantastic Lost Leaders track Any Thing You Want To Be



Peter Cole uses his 1968 Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean on this record running through a 1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb amp with a Hudson Electronics UK White Heat for the solo at the end.

If you took your copies of Deja Vu, Bookends, Full Moon Fever and Disraeli Gears and melted them into one L.P. it might sound like Lost Leaders, the alchemical brew of Peter Cole and Byron Isaacs.

The project was born at Levon Helm’s studio in Woodstock, N.Y. in the winter of 2011.  The barn was a second home for Byron, bass player for the Levon Helm Band, performing at the Midnight Rambles and on Levon’s “Dirt Farmer” and “Electric Dirt” albums, both of which featured Byron’s songwriting. Peter and Byron took a week between Saturday Rambles and, with the winter sunlight coming through the plate-glass windows, worked out original tunes with Grammy-winning house engineer Justin Guip running back and forth from drum kit to console. Sleeping in the lofts and climbing down each morning to work, the trio experimented, recording all the while. As the record neared completion they performed the material for the first time by opening a Midnight Ramble.   

While waiting to release the resulting record, Lost Leaders created a series of live performance videos covering some of their favorite material (including their own). Each video was recorded in a single live take in a unique location. The duo distills the songs to their most essential elements: their two voices and two guitars contrast with the lushness of the studio recordings. Their arrangements of songs by Beck, Pete Townsend, Neil Young and Tom Petty illustrate their haunting vocal blend and instrumental ingenuity.